Midway Schedule & Pricing

Opening Times for Midway
Friday 7 = 5:00pm : Saturday 8 = 1:00pm : Sunday 7 = 12:00pm

The midway at Seneca Falls Canal Fest is provided by Playland Amusements, Inc., who set the pricing for their rides. Here are the details:

Regular tickets are $1.50 each. Each ride varies in the number of tickets required, from 2 to 5 tickets per ride.

Playland will operate a Pay-One-Price option on Saturday from 1-4 P.M. for $25.00. For $25, you can enjoy as many rides as possible during the hours of 1 PM – 4 PM. 
Get there early to get the most benefit from this offer.

Sheet tickets can also be purchased in the following quantities and are transferable to any Playland Amusement event, such as the Seneca County Fair:

20 tickets for $25.00
42 tickets for $45.00

Please note that Seneca Falls Canal Fest does not set these prices or rules; they are provided by Playland Amusements, Inc. Any issues with ticketing for the rides are solely the responsibility of Playland Amusements.